My tutelage at Music Centre London begun at age 5 at the Islington Centre and came to a close at age 19 by which time I had performed with the Music Centre at The Royal Albert Hall, The Barbican Centre, 10 Downing Street, The Houses of Parliament and Portcullis House amongst other venues.

Growing up the Music Centre was instrumental in forming me as a person, especially during the transition between primary and secondary school as I went to a secondary school without any pre-existing friends from my primary. But having a group of friends and adults that I know I could trust and recognise every Saturday made the transition far easier.

Musically the Music Centre equipped me with a lot of the tools that I still use to this day, from a steady foundation in singing to workshops in which I acquired rhythmic skills as well as providing an open forum for me and my fellow choir members to be creative; to more advanced skills such as sight reading and vocal blending within an ensemble. In my case these skills were certainly transferable as they helped me to succeed at music A level (A*). As well as ensemble work there were always opportunities for solos and singing in such a supportive environment definitely raised my confidence to then sing in front of public audiences.

I am now continuing my training under Richard Frostick in this tremendous scheme that is giving me the skills to be able to teach people of all ages the tools that I now take for granted. I shadow him at both the Islington and Southwark centres as well as beginning to do some singing leadership within the centres myself. I believe these leadership skills should be a part of any musicians arsenal as they give you the firm belief that you can stand in front of an ensemble of any kind and lead them effectively.

Alongside my work with the Music Centre I am pursuing an exciting career as a singer, songwriter and all-round general musician.

You can listen to Alex's own music on Soundcloud.


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