I attended Music Centre London- Islington (previously The Islington Music Centre) from 1997 until 2011. During my time here I developed from a very shy young girl who couldn’t sing in front of others into a confident young woman with dreams of a solo performing career. I was taught so much about the voice and music from all over the world but I was also taught about world issues and the power music has to make social change.

One particular time this was true was when I was able to sing with Hugh Masekela at the Barbican. Learning about South African history, meeting such an influential musician and singing those beautiful lyrics in Zulu really opened my eyes.

Since leaving The Music Centre music has continued to be the most important thing in my life. Music for social change is the apex for me. I studied music at degree level and recently graduated from The British and Irish Modern Music Institute with a BA Hons in Creative Musicianship. I believe music should be shared with children and that a foundation in music can open doors in terms of creativity, open mindedness and confidence for any future aspiration.

Next on my list is to look at further study in music and also in education. Giving back to the centre that helped make me who I am today is a dream come true and I hope to one day help children fulfil their full potential just as I have been helped to fulfil mine.

You can listen to Tayah's own music on Soundcloud.


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