January 2021

“Dear Music Centre community

It’s now nine months since we were all together and I would like to thank you for the many good wishes that we’ve received over that period. I know that you are missing our sessions and it seems so cruel that at a time when singing and performing music together would have been a particularly welcome support for us all, we are having to resist the temptation to meet. I too am missing our work together more than I can say. Suffice to say that every time I've started to think about ways that we could start some face-to-face sessions the ground has shifted. I continue to take advice from a number of reputable sources and they consistently advise against live singing sessions as things are at the moment. I’m sure you will understand that we have a duty of care to the whole Music Centre community and we cannot initiate any activity that may bring risk to children, young people, parents or staff, and their dependents.

As I write we are entering a very challenging period and it's unlikely that we will be able to start again until the summer term. Rest assured that as soon as I'm informed that it’s safe to start again I will act very quickly. This website - musicentrelondon.com - is now live again and we will text you to tell you when there is a new message. Please check the website now and again anyway, just in case you don’t get our texts. You can also email me at richard@musiccentrelondon.com and I will reply as soon as I can.

I’m going to start a youtube channel so that our children and young people can learn some new material. I will also include some warm-up exercises to help them keep their voices in trim. I’ll let you know as soon as this is up and running.

I feel particularly sad that the young people who were coming up to their final Music Centre concert at the Union Chapel were so unceremoniously abandoned. I would like to say to them that I will certainly reschedule that concert as soon as I can and we will find a way to get together. If you’re now at college or university away from London then I can look at the possibility of running a holiday course for you, leading up to a performance. Many of you have been loyal and supportive members of our community for 12 years and I will make sure you are not forgotten. If you have had to delay your start in higher education, then by all means come back to us when we resume. I'd like to know how you're getting on, so please email me at the above address.

Meanwhile, look after yourselves and here’s wishing you all the very best for an increasingly good 2021.”


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