Over the last 32 years more than 3,500 children and young people have received music tuition at our two centres. We are regularly oversubscribed and there is no doubt that we are a popular and successful enterprise. We have found a way to support the music education of children and young people that is both effective and appealing.

Singing is at the heart of what we do. At present we have 10 choirs. In their choirs, pupils receive detailed advice about voice production and how to be the best singer they can be. They also learn skills that lay a strong foundation for all their other musical studies.

Why is our provision so successful? The main reason is the high quality of the teaching. It is no accident that our pupils have performed at the Proms eight times and collaborated with so many great musicians; our list of performance credits is broad and impressive. Across the country our centres are recognised for their excellence.

Another reason is that we are less interested in creating the next young superstar and more concerned with how to help all our pupils reach their potential. Though many of our young people now have successful careers in the performing arts and some have found fame, we're not primarily interested in making people famous. We’re much more interested in creating young musicians.

Making music with other people is one of the greatest of human experiences, and one that can enrich lives like nothing else. Whatever our young people go on to do, they leave the Music Centre knowing that they will always be able to make music. Just read these testimonials from some of our alumni. They speak for themselves.

Richard Frostick, Director of MCL