The Young Apprentice Scheme

Martha Bradbury was a much-loved member of the Music Centre for many years. In 2015 a celebration of her life raised a substantial sum of money in her memory. The Music Centre was an important part of her life and something that she enjoyed very much. Her family have made a generous donation to us and we’ve agreed that setting up a bursary fund to train new music leaders at the Music Centre would be a wonderful way to support something that brought Martha such pleasure.

We are delighted to announce that the first two recipients of bursaries from this fund are former Music Centre students Tayah Etienne and Alex Pitts. Over the coming year they will be working alongside me, learning the trade.

Alex Pitts

“Growing up the Music Centre was instrumental in forming me as a person” - Our Young Apprentice Alex Pitts on what the Music Centre means to him and how he's still involved today.

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Tayah Ettienne

“During my time here I developed from a very shy young girl who couldn’t sing in front of others into a confident young woman with dreams of a solo performing career.”

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