“I was a Trustee of The Music Centre for over a decade. I became involved to support Richard and his team's dedication to the provision of high quality music education for Islington's young people from all backgrounds — education provided through vibrant and diverse group singing and drumming. A few years ago The Music Centre expanded into Southwark to create a service based on exactly same principles, also shaped by the unique needs and aspirations of that borough's young population.

Ever since its inception in 1992 this wonderful organisation has maintained its core objectives and principles despite ever-changing political, educational and voluntary sector landscapes. The Music Centre remains today what it's been from the start: a really good thing!

As a parent I am proud and grateful: I watched my own children (now 25 and 21) develop their love for, and confidence in, performing music at the highest level from age 5 to 18. They are both active musicians today and I'm certain that the pleasure they give, and derive, from their music will remain a foundation stone throughout their lives.

As a musician I am impressed and inspired: Richard and the team's commitment to the highest musical quality and diversity is unswerving; their belief that 5 to 18 year-old young people with wide-ranging experience can engage together to make challenging and collaborative music is evidenced every week, and regularly showcased in both local and national performances.

I am simply pleased to have been part of such a wonderful force for good and to continue to be able to lend a hand.”

Mike Clowes

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